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Photovoltaic systems

Solar panels

HEOS Energy GmbH designs and builds turnkey ready photovoltaic systems from small-scale systems for private customers up to industrial megawatt projects. This comprises solar power plants for open areas and saddle and flat roofs. For flat roofs we offer installation possibilities without roof penetration and without heavy loadings which are suitable for high wind loads, too.
Of course, we would be glad to make you an individual offer!

solar panels on roofs

schematic solar panelAs an own development, HEOS constructed a photovoltaic system of the type HEOS HT35-2 – a highly precise double-axis tracker which is suitable for ground installation as well as for building integration. Its rated power is 5.04 kWp and can be varied dependent on the chosen modules. Due to the tracking mechanism the modules follow the sun in accordance with the time of day (elevation) and season (azimuth). This enables an increased power output of 40 % in comparison to a fixed system.

This newly developed solar tracker is characterized by a compact design with an appealing line management and a low wind resistance.

High-performance solar cell panels allied with a precise and low-maintenance double-axis positioning lead to a maximum of power output per module and floor space.