HEOS Energy GmbH

Ihr Spezialist für Anlagen
der regenerativen

HEOS Energy GmbH – Growth through outsourcing

The company was founded on 1st June 2007. With the opening of the new production site in Chemnitz, HEOS Energy GmbH set the preconditions to prospectively build high-quality regenerative energy plants for batch production. Therefore the company inherited all activities from IWB Werkstofftechnologie GmbH in the field of wind and water power. All experiences made by the affiliate company since 1994 contributed to HEOS Energy GmbH.

The focus of attention is the launch of a vertical axis wind turbine with a rated power of 75 kW (HEOS H75) for self-sufficiency, reducing of decomposition products and realization of isolated applications in combination with solar trackers and generators.
The extension of the repair service for wind power gearboxes up to a rated power of 2.5 megawatt is boosted especially through our new production hall which is provided with several cranes of max.25 t weight-bearing capacity.

Solar systems are an important part of our range of goods in the field of regenerative energies. Besides the planning and realization of solar power and solar thermal plants we also sell biaxial solar trackers of our own production or integrated third-party products in complex plants.

The company still takes on the jobs of redevelopment, automation and repair of hydroelectric power stations up to a rated power of one megawatt.

Because of our new hall we are now able to blast and coat components up to a length of 22 m and a unit weight up to 25 t. The mechanical manufacture and regeneration of necessary components take place in close cooperation with the IWB Werkstofftechnologie GmbH as its subsidiary.

HEOS Energy GmbH focuses on projects to look after clients in industry and agriculture as well as private potential buyers. Main emphasis of our range of products is to offer the most diverse services as possible for the benefit of our clients which comprises planning, production, assembly, distribution as well as maintenance and repairing. If requested we also offer an assessment of existing planning provided by the customer.

Our clients are:

Since 1991 IWB Werkstofftechnologie GmbH serves customers of industry and trade with coated and uncoated machine parts. Since 1994 the company acted in the field of hydroelectric power. In 2004 the business expanded to the wind power sector. Here, especially gearboxes up to 660 KW got repaired and reconditioned. The strong growth of IWB Werkstofftechnologie GmbH in connection with the creation of new production capacities in the industrial area Jagdschänkenstraße (south west quadrant A72, exit Chemnitz south) allowed the decision to outsource and so to be able to develop all business segments equally.